idea for a cheap graphics tablet

i thought of an idea for a cheap graphics tablet type device

first read these 2 pages
cathode ray timing
light pen

the idea is to find a way to rig up a light pen(i don't think they sell them any more) and to use a cheap 5in b/w tv as the surface or mount a crt monitor in a cabinet at a drawing desk angle

please give me feed back

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clasic_traveller_diehard (author) 9 years ago
i found instructions on how to make a light pen but the software included is for retro commodore and atari systems or the vertex game system
CameronSS9 years ago
There's always this option.
the problem is all those have been done before and i want to do something new (or revive something old i guess)
LinuxH4x0r9 years ago
I want to combine a laser and a projector to do it. I've seen things where webcams and lasers have been used as mice, but I can't find any now (anyone know of something for mac?)
if you read the pages you will notice that lcds don't work it would probably need a photo resistor and a micro controler
I did, I'm talking about something completely different
Like this

you can do that if you want but i don't have a web cam or a laser but i do have an old 5in CRT plus in order for it to be a graphics tablet it needs to be able to sense pressure that can easily be incorporated into the pen part (though it would be a pretty big pen)