ideas for a Christian based instructable.

does any body have a idea for a good Christ based instructable? we could make a colaberation and make a really great instructable that would convert a lot of people.

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MariaUK2 years ago

Interesting. I have never been on a page like this. Certainly feels great to be outside of facebook! ;)

blugyblug7 years ago
What would you even do in the instructable? You CREATE stuff on this website. YOU not god or whatever. But yeah, going so far to use a DIY site to convert people is going too far. It makes you look bad.
make a really great instructable that would convert a lot of people.
Sorry but that just sounds as if converting people into christianity is a really good thing. As if people who aren't christian don't understand anything about christianity & need "help" and "support"
some dont. some are fuzzy. some know a lot about it, but, unfortunately, refuse to accept the truth.
1. Check the dates of comments you are replying to.

2. Define "truth".
dsman195276 (author)  Kiteman2 years ago
I'm lost as to how someone found this, this topic is going on 6 years old. I haven't been around enough to know, is there a way to disable comment on an old forum forum topic, or is deleting it the only option?
Google is probably to blame.

As far as I know, the only way to prevent more comments is to delete it.

It's not causing any harm, though, and is tending to keep conversations on the same theme in the same place.
dsman195276 (author)  Kiteman2 years ago
It's true, I imagine it's not as hard to find as I think it is. Ah well, I'll leave it then. If it manages to lead to some decent discussion then I'll be happy.
if you dont clear your internets periodically it will only show topics /instructables that are like 4 yrs old.
1. I did and decided it didn't matter.

2. Human beings, due to the sin of Adam, were, are, and will be until the Second Coming of Christ, born with an evil sin nature. This is the part of you that wants to gratify your evil desires, and it is the part that goes against God. As God cannot have sin in His presence, humanity would be doomed to Hell for eternity. God loved humanity so much, however, that he instead sent a part of Himself, Jesus, to take mankind's penalty for eternity in the space of a few hours. This was what happened as Jesus was dying on the cross. Three days later, He was resurrected. After spending some more time with his disciples, Jesus went back up to Heaven. Now, in order for you to avoid an eternity in Hell, all you have to do is believe what I just told you. Accept that you have a problem (sin), and that Jesus removed that problem by taking your punishment on the cross. If you do believe this, then after you kick the bucket you will go to Heaven and stay forever.

P.S. Sorry about the Halo vs. Star Wars format argument.
(Note, this is an intellectual argument, not intended in a spirit of animosity)

Why should we accept your Truth, over the similar Truths of Islam, Buddhism or the Hopi Indians?

Why should we accept your Truth, when it contradicts the evidence we see around us?

Actually, i was thinking of doing a paper origami cross, this would easily fit on this website, and be Christian based, also, alot of projects like the 'How to thanks instructables' share a Christian moral standpoint of giving. Also, both reviving old topics and hating on religious people will do nothing but annoy people..
...share a Christian moral standpoint of giving...
Ah, so giving is a Christian value. Of course. Because without Christianity, we would all just go around raping, killing, and pillaging.
Theologically, christian morality, and Christianity can be very different. By morally christian, i am saying morally like jesus, and, if you actually read the bible, whether you consider it fiction or not, the charictor of jesus symbolizes a 'morally perfect human'
But if you mean morally like Jesus, why couldn't we use a different religions' character for the term? Morally like Horus?
Well, jesus is the figure that i, and most people are familiar with. Im not sure who horus is. It would seem your looking for an argument.. i will not entertain such stupidity.
Egyptian god or Goa'uld System Lord (deceased, ko'ed by SG-1), take your pick.
Jake, I agree with Stake's underlying argument here. The statement you actually made,

alot of projects like the 'How to thanks instructables' share a Christian moral standpoint of giving.

certainly gives the appearances of divisiveness and discrimination. On it's face, it clearly presumes that only Christians have a "moral standpoint". That is unfair and inaccurate.
Not at all, i guess it is a PC term that we use over here, essentially, its a way of saying that a person believes and follows all the christian models that underlay our society through a history of a mainly christian society. eg, alot of handed down values stemming from christianity. also note, that i didn't specify it as the only standpoint, and that project shared the set of moral guidelines. Also, this is a clear reminder of why religious conversing is better reserved for a chatroom, or real life situation.
I heartily agree with your last point, Jake :-)
Do you understand my other longer point about history and Christianity's big part in the development of our current culture?
Yes, I certainly understand and agree with the Christian background of your and my culture. Although I'd point out that my current culture (perhaps less than yours, I don't know enough about English history) includes a substantial contribution from Jewish morality
Now, i wish i was able to explain things like that in one comment...

Truth is, the community is that 'tight' on here, i often forget that people are on the otherside of the world.
I don't sleep normal times, so the time zones go out the window..
Without being PC, I would like to remind you that making a claim like "our society through a history of a mainly christian society" excludes a majority of the population, and definitely excludes a number of I'bles members.

Derinsleep, in Turkey, would probably not describe his "our society" as "mainly Christian." Neither Indians nor Chinese would describe their "our society" as "mainly Christian." I don't think Israelis would describe their "our society" as "mainly Christian."

Just something to keep in mind when generalizing from your personal experience.
Agreed, but i did clarify earlier about it being what me and my kinsmen are familiar with. Essentially explaining the original comment by relating it to my personal culture.
I am not looking for an argument, and am terribly sorry that you interpret an argument, debate, or me (not sure what you meant by the last line) as stupid.
sure.. ok Apology accepted
I recently saw a documentary suggested Jesus was actually Horus. Much like Christianity has adopted pagan rituals and custom, the figure Horus was adopted from Egyptian mythology (there are a number of similarities). I am not saying this to be controversial, or to offend anyone, I'm just saying that there is a documentary about this theory
Are you sure it said Jesus actuallly was Horus, or rather that Jesus was derived from Horus.
I think derived, would be a better term, thanks, though documentary probably explains it better then I can. Its called The Pagan Christ.
Ah. It's also in "Zeitgeist".
It's more "expresses the value of giving thanks, a value which, coincidentally, is shared by Christianity (amongst other theological positions)" ;-)
gmjhowe Kiteman7 years ago
Agreed, but also see my response to skate, which explains it better.
dsman195276 (author)  blugyblug7 years ago
there are many instructables that tell you about something, and not how to do something.

this is not only a DIY site, goto the home page and read what it says in the blue bar at the top of the browser(i have firefox):

"make, how to, and DIY"

you can show someone how to accomplish something with out doing anything.

like a instructable on c++ programing, it does not really have a end product, but is very helpful and a instructable none the less.
You're very right, DSMAN! We have plenty of procedural I'bles. Some of them (How to thank Instructables, How to deal with harassment, Goodhart's T-Shirt) are among the best (and most "Christian," if you have to apply a discriminatory label) of anything on the site.
How are those "christian" Ibles? If its because the instructable has good morals or whatever, it doesnt mean it is christian.
Did you read the second half of my parenthetical? That was the point.
If your so against it, WHY DID YOU REVIVE THIS TOPIC???
blugyblug didn't revive the topic. "A good name" did (Jan 31), which started a short discussion between him(?) and Skunkbait.
ohh. oops. sorry blugyblug.
This topic was like, 5th on the Life page.
What to do, what to do? Hmmmm....I've got a couple of really long 4x4's and these antique square nails. If I only had a hammer....
Thank you so very much for bringing this topic back up.
Oh, the controversy.
mercuryxixi2 years ago
Thanks for strategy, my mind be open after read your plan and strategic
Matt214977 years ago
well im not good of thinking of instrucables but i was thinking something that would help christian teens spread the word of god to there friends and become more comfortable with there religion. kind of like what dare2share(dot)com
so you're also saying that nonreligious people have the right to say there is no god?
why do you want more people that don't believe in god to be christians..? that is the same thing as saying to religous people there is no god
RoboTable3 years ago
I hate the idea of converting people. It just dosn't work and God made them the way they are and lets not question her. (Oh yeah, I said her)
I' ve been searching the net for some instructions to build a cross and I was quite surprised there weren't any on Instructables. I did find one site - a little too late to build one,


but again, surprised there weren't millions. We needed a cross for our annual Resurrection Sunday Passion Play and this will be the second year we don't have a cross...
Um, I don't mean to be disrespectful...and I've never built/made/used a cross before, but surely you can just, well, nail 2 pieces of wood together?
Seems legit to me. As far as i know there are no special rules on how crosses are made, as long as they look like a cross and are treated with respect. I've seen them made from things from PVC to brick.
Kiteman ilpug4 years ago
Our town had a Good Friday procession, with somebody carrying a full-size wooden cross.

I couldn't help but notice that is was held together with a single large bolt through the centre - I'm guessing it allowed the horizontal part to be turned through 90 degrees for storage.
lemonie Kiteman4 years ago
If you nail a person to it I guess that their body holds it perpendicular?

Do you remember last year when you didn't have a cross? That would have been a good time to start finding out how to make one for the following year.
See if you can find carpenters/joiners/woodsmiths in the phone book and ask for quotes.

Got one! Thank you! My pastor built one.
I saw a cross in the village, I don;t know who they were going to crucify on it, so I guess that it was just symbolism...

CameronSS8 years ago
Just a warning--remember what always happens when religious topics come up on Internet forums: Atheists say that it's all bull, a very religious person disagrees, a long, nonproductive argument ensues that fulfills Godwin's Law, and finally everyone goes back to YouTube to sulk.

I'm not denouncing religion, particularly because everyone would then yell at me, but I'm just reminding you of what I've observed.
Look at the two threads of replies, so far this appears to have been quite productive, may be it's possible to explain the inner workings of a christian without pissing aetheists off, I may be aetheist but I don't mind as long as they're not shoving it in peoples faces....
Finally end to the christian warring is in sight, when do the muslims, jews, buhddists etc. come...
I have a handle on the links between Jewishness and Christianity of the early church (not how it stands today).
Well I was just having a wee joke about that but now I'm thinking jews will be next in line...
But I am not exactly Jewish either ;-)

I am not Christian, as understood by most Christians today, but I am, as far as a believer in the teachings of Christ. The modern day Christian forgets he taught from the Tanakh (Hebrew Bible, misnomered the Old testament). At home, I have the Koran on my HD *shrug* I want to find a copy of Mishna though, the Hebrew Oral law. And maybe the Zohar, if I can find it complete and unadulterated.
I see... more complicated ideology than most here, probably one of the most reasonable too...
I embrace a lot, but don't believe a lot. I know more than I "just" believe; and am more convinced by what is, than what "could have happened". I also know that there are forces only now being touched that no one had any idea about millennia ago, but the forces were there nonetheless; life is a force to be reckoned with.
I was saying that by embracing as much as you do you probably have a very reasonable ideology. I enjoy that line: 'life is a force to be reckoned with' I mean I enjoy it not I did...
in my best Yoda voice oor, well you observe young Jedi, only remember, you must do, or do not, there is no try. ;-)
Ah indeed my young friend, much is there to learn, only with hardship wisdom may come.
Wisdom by hardship comes only when "experiencing" everything, one must. Learning by hearing / reading, much less painful, it is.
good point, but wisdom comes from experience, knowledge comes from books...
Let's just say that I am "wise enough" not to eat Cyanide, mistaking it for Almonds or anything ;-) Thankfully, I didn't learn that by experience....
Thats an experience nobody learns from, my point works though, you made a better judgment about not eating cyanide based upon knowledge in a book.
Then, to extrapolate a bit, you are saying that sometimes wisdom comes, not from experience, but from correctly ascertaining the relevance of information gotten elsewhere. :-)
Maybe wisdom could better be described by the judgemental capabilities of an individual than how much knowledge or experience they have, hence the phrase 'a wise decision' How wise can you call scholar who has never left his place of learning?
Yes, which includes the wisdom to balance "experience" with "better not eat that" LOL
Then again, 'better not eat that again' is a much more fun phrase, you learned your lesson, if it was lego rather than cyanide, yes this topic has reminded me of my little brother nad the lego cowboy hat. I still eat bacon, despite nearly dying when I ate a bit and choked.
Well, that reminds me of how I was when younger: I looked at things like Mince meat pie, and certain vegetables, and such, and they looked awful, but had I taken the time to taste them, I would have enjoyed them for a much longer period of time.
With the mince meat pie, someone made one in a rectangular cake pan, and I didn't recognize it, took a piece and asked what this "wonderful new dish" was. When they told me (I was 20 at the time), I swore I would never turn down another food before trying it. :-) BTW: a lot of people do not like "real" mince meat, so they buy the jarred stuff without the meat in it LOL - - minced meat without meat.....people just kill me sometimes LOL
Minced meat pie is a completely different thing from a pie with minced meat in it... To say the least at an adult age you were fooled by shapes...
Well yeah, it wasn't "that" different in taste though. And I have had minced meat pie since (as well as many other things that I refused when younger because of my "pre-opinion" of it). Escargot, "sweetbreads", frog's legs, toasted grasshopper, although, I do think I would still balk a little (maybe a LOT :-) at cooked maggots (grubs) and so called Mountain Oysters.
You must have very different miced pies from us at christmas then... Ours are a sweet thing that are lovely, very different taste from minced meat for an animal.. Maggots don't appeal to me, I suspect they have a terrible texture to them.
Well, our "minced meat pies" are very sweet, but my initial dislike came from the looks of it and the idea of meat in a pie. Once I tried it (being fooled by a shape change), I was hooked, and promised myself never to say I don't like something without tasting it first. Some things may taste wonderful, but I won't eat them because of "what" they are (for instance grubs; oddly enough though, cow's tongue, pig intestine, and grasshopper, were ok, but so called mountain oysters are pushing it a bit in my book {they are the deep fried portion removed from a bull to make it into a steer}. ) Yeah, grubs, unless fried beyond recognition would probably be of the icky squishy texture that belongs to mashed potatoes & turnips only :-)
The mountain oyster just don't sound in any awy appealing to me, they aren't for eating and proabably taste just so.
New Yorkers deep fry them as a "delicacy". *shakes head" They probably have the same misconception about them as about Olives and a few other things that "don't work" LOL
Well I'd say mine wouldn't work after frying either...
I meant the reason they ate the things.... ;-)
I know you did I just wonder how the bulls feel...
I haven't had to opportunity to speak with either a bull nor a steer about it. ;-) If I report that I do, it will be time for the home I am sure LOL
Lol certainly there must be some kind of perverse reason people decided eating those bits was a great idea...
They were hungry and had eaten everything else ? :-)
I'm sure some soup from the bones and stock would be a better option, not soup from the 'oysters' either...
I suppose originally they tried to use everything except the MOO LOL When you haven't any choice....maybe.
Either that or they thought, 'ah the hell with it let's go the whole log' I assume you get that as a package deal...
I have never seen that on the menu thank goodness :-)
Some happy meal... Not a ronald mcdonald joke btw but I have my suspicions...
Well, it wouldn't make me too happy, that is for sure LOL
I doubt ronald would be of much help either...

How on earth do we manage to ramble like this, it all started at christianity, on to widsom, on to eating stuff and end up on bullocks*...

  • I'm not sure if americans use the punned term there...
A term Americans mistakenly use when they really mean to say bollocks.

I was unfamiliar with the one slang version of the word (my use of bullock stems from familiarity of it being a "young" bull), but I also had heard it used as:

Slang from Britain that means horsehockey (edited word), nonsense; balderdash.
I can't believe they lost the game! That's such bullocks.

But I never heard it used like this:
A bull's testes. Although it does seem that it IS used that way in some parts of the USA *shrug*

As for rambling? I have a bad habit of picking out one portion of something written and commenting on it, and NORMALLY it has nothing to do with the original subject...unstructured thinking I suppose they call it. :-)
Well the term and pronunciation is bollocks but the understandings there... Bollocks - Nuts in general, the term 'mutts nuts' can also be the 'dogs bollocks' as an example Bollocking - 'she gave me a severe bollocking' translates to 'she gave me a severe telling of/shouting at' Bollocked/bolloxed - drunk/pissed Bollockhead - similar to 'dickhead' in usage Bollocking (2) - I gave her a good bollocking - well ya know... It's quite a versatile term, you could bollock your car, as in break it whereas giving it a bollocking would be thrashing it... Ah the rambling opens up to new topics, the last few comments could open americans up to a greater understanding of us Uk people.