illuminated prayer carpet?

hi everybody i have a project to build a prototype so i need help if somebody could help me

i could pay for this help cause i wanna produce it

so my need is a illuminated prayer carpet based on  electroluminescent phosphor printing technology.

the objectif it s to build a carpet who illuminated when its the right direction

could somebody help please

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hkahil (author) 7 years ago
hi aron
i understand the fact of using electronic compass but it will illuminate what?
or there are others material i can use?

this is how it should look like and i dont think its leds ,
i think its printed so dont know :)

thanks for helping
Arano hkahil7 years ago
well the signal from that compass is not suited to illuminate anything... you need a circuit that gives current to whatever will illuminate your carpet on the right signal from the compass...
canida Arano7 years ago
I'd recommend checking out the soft circuits channel for projects that might give you good ideas!
Kiteman7 years ago
Rather than printing, it may be easier to weave or sew electroluminescent wire into the carpet, triggered by something like Arano's suggestion.
Arano7 years ago
the first step i think would be an electronic compass... i found one here ... now you need a cicuit that iluminates your carpet on the right signal...