"image not available" in instructables; thumbnails won't enlarge

I can't see any of the main pics in any instructable, and the thumbnails won't enlarge. In many, I can't tell if it is something I want to do, or to save, because the images are  not there and the thumbnails are too small.

When I download it to my PDF files, the images are there, but at that point I  may decide this one is not for me. Then I have to delete it. Too much trouble just to see if an instructable is one that I want to keep, or even to mark it a favorite.


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mikeasaurus5 years ago
Instructable thumbnails / secondary images:

In order for all elements of the site to show up correctly on your browser all the background Java script needs to load entirely. If you are using an ad-blocker or any other type of add-on to your browser you may be stopping all the script from loading, thereby stopping the site from displaying content correctly.

We regularly test the site on basic, unaltered versions of popular browsers, and assuming no add-ons have been installed.

this is all the fault of instructables developer

Er, you're chucking about insults based on a topic that is four years old.

The site has been though a lot of changes since then.

i am experiencing this even now , i know the ppl at instructables are hard working but im just expressing my views , even with the latest chrome browser and with all plugins disabled it happens but does not happen on other browsers i cant just change my browser for one website.im sorry about the last comment i was furious about the pitures not loading at all so went on a quest to find the solution.

Since you are the only person (currently) reporting this issue, I'd be inclined to suggest that the problem is at your end.

Have you cleared your cache and "hard reloaded" the page? Problems like you describe are usually down to the user's system holding on to code that predates an update rather than the site itself.

Zany1 isn't the only one... here we are 5 months later and I have the same issue... after using 3 different browsers and jumping through all the cache and blocker hoops... I don't think it is too much to ask to expect the pictures to open when I go to the site (instead of having to stand on one foot with my tongue between my teeth, my eyes crossed, and my head a precisely the right tilt).

well i experience this issue on my old laptop now that i have my new laptop everything is working fine. the only difference between my old and new is the hardware the new one is an i7-64bit old one is a core2duo-32-bit. both are loaded with win8.1 pro and latest browsers.

try to disable hardware acceleration it might help

What do you actually see when you click on a project? Can you add a screenshot?

eh95 years ago
mikeasaurus wrote:
> In order for all elements of the site to show up correctly
> on your browser all the background Java script needs to
> load entirely.

This isn't a technical necessity. All that's necessary is to ensure that foreign scripts are present (i.e. that they actually loaded) before trying to run them. <code>if ( func ) { func( ... ) ; }</code>.

If you want to insist that you can't do this, at least be honest that it's a policy choice you all are making.
mikeasaurus eh95 years ago
If the policy you are talking about is waiting for the entire page to load and to ensure that no browser add-ons interfere with the loading of the page...then, yes.
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