images of the rapid-firing gun i made.

i came to the concluson that i didn't want to make a instructable, because i wanted to make a instructable about the sopmod items i made, so i will give you guys just a few pictures ;) alty

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This is so cool! I'm going to try making it!
hope it works out :) alty btw nice name XD
paulb10 years ago
get a life bud..
altaria1993 (author)  paulb10 years ago
shut the fuck up bud
lol you PWND him badly lol...
what do you mean by rapid fire? automatic?
no it can just fire fast
okay.... will you post it soon?
oops i didnt read the description.... but anyways why wont you make an instructable for this after you finish the SOPMOD instructable?
altaria1993 (author)  mmzdaniel10 years ago
i maybe will, after i made them :P
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