in house/property phone to phone direct line

Anyone know of the easiest way to make a permanent phone to phone direct line. As in a phone from the back shed to the house. I want to be able to pick up the phone in the house or shed and have it ring on the opposite phone. any idea's?

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chaoscampbell (author) 10 years ago
Here's how I ideally want it: - opposite phone rings when I pick up the line on the other - household power (don't want to use batteries) - no dial tones or sound other then voices on the line - ability to have the board or whatever makes it work inside the computer room (so, not to big)
NachoMahma10 years ago
. You will have to overcome several problems. . POTS calls for 90V to ring the bell and you are liable to upset the telco if you send 90V down their line at the wrong time. . Whenever you pick up the receiver, you will have to talk over the dial tone. Dialing a single number will quiet the dial tone, but after a few seconds, you will start getting the "off-hook too long" sound. . . Most 'phone installations I've seen run four wires, but only use two. The circuits at the link Goodhart gave can make use of the extra pair of wires, but you will have to mount extra phones.
chaoscampbell (author)  NachoMahma10 years ago
I don't really want to touch the phone company lines. I want to have it so its my own system. is there any kinda board I can make to plug my phones into. so I send the 90V down my own dedicated line?
. Oh! In that case, check out the second circuit at Goodhart's link.
chaoscampbell (author) 10 years ago
thanks for the tip. I might end up having no choice but to go with that, it seems to be the popular idea. But I'd like something cleaner. I want the phone in my house to hang neatly on the wall looking just like it originally does. I want to pick up the reciever in either the shed or house and have it call the opposite phone with its regular ring. is there anyway to do this?..... I'm willing to do some work but trying to keep it minamally invasive without requiring the phone company. can I route it through a station in my computer room..... make it work with a comp involved?....... or somekinda oldschool mechanisim?
chaoscampbell (author)  chaoscampbell10 years ago
like for example is there a way to make like a small scale hotel switchboard in my comp room?
Goodhart10 years ago
old analog POT phones? Not the wireless or new-fangled ones.....this would work: Old phones as intercom