in where do I find and how do I tell if it is a 5v regulator?

I need to find a five v regulator(7805) for a portable 9v battery charger and i cant go out and buy one. can someone tell me in what device i can find a resistor(specifically 5v).  And i need to know how to tell if it is a 5V Regulator. heres one i found.. does it look like a 5v?

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Picture of in where do I find and how do I tell if it is a  5v regulator?
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Dread_Neck (author) 7 years ago
UPDATE! UPDATE! I bought the stuff at radio shack and a switch. now all i need is a soldering iron....
kelseymh7 years ago
"I can't go out and buy one." Um. At 45 cents (US) a pop, they're about half the price of a candy bar.
ljarrald7 years ago
is that a hp g70 laptop?/Compaq alternative
Dread_Neck (author)  ljarrald7 years ago
haha. i have this laptop. biggest waste of money ever. this is how it's ended up: hope to re design the lid out of perspex soon. will make an instructable
Dread_Neck (author)  ljarrald7 years ago
its my sisters. what the heck did you do?
the plastics around the back of the screen that also holds the hinges was poorly made and the bits that the hinges screw into competeley snapped off. cheepest replacement was £80. forget that. im usin wood!
lemonie7 years ago
Dread_Neck (author)  lemonie7 years ago
Yep. the........altoids one.
kelseymh7 years ago
Edit your text and the title to correct it to what you've just figured out. Then look carefully at it to see if you can make out a part number -- they're usually printed in white on the black body of the piece. That's the number you want to put into a Google search to get the specs (for maximum current).

You'll be able to buy a replacement at RadioShack or any local electronics hobby shop, or online from places like Jameco, Digikey, etc.
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