incomplete work

my science teacher was telling us one day about how he came to hate incomplete work. he had surgery on his appendix one day (for unknown reasons) and when he woke up his appendix was finished but the doctor didnt close him up. he called the doctor in but he said "oh i just forgot." he fired that quack and got a new doctor to close him up. tell me what you think of this story and also think of incomplete work...

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Goodhart10 years ago
I despise being forced to "complete 'it' later" and leaving anything, but married life almost demands constant concession, so much of my life is still lying on the work shop floor LOL
gyromild Goodhart10 years ago
Sadly, the sanctity of my workshop have long been encroached, despite months of valiant effort defending it.. It is now horribly neat, clean and tidy.. :(
My deepest consolation my friend... There is no sight more sad sniff, than snuf, a (voice cracking) impeccablly clean workshp WAAAAA!!! :(...
uguy KentsOkay10 years ago
A clean workshop(desk) is the sign of a sick mind!
Goodhart uguy10 years ago
I don't necessarily need mine clean, but I do like to be able to find my tools, so organized it must be ;-)
Goodhart gyromild10 years ago
Hmm, I wish mine were so. The wife invaded (slowly at first) with stuff to sell on eBay, and now the entire room is filled with unusable junk (which, if she thought about it, is why it is not selling *sigh*)
The way you constantly reference your wife's eBay obsession cracks me up, haha.
Well, it is an obsession...she sells in order to buy, and the circle is not fully recursive in that it drains the savings but adds to the clutter (the equation does not balance ;-) ). She is getting better, though the counseling is a bit slow. ;-)
jessyratfink10 years ago
I hate incomplete projects, but being the perfectionist I am, I tend to stress myself out over it. I'm trying to get better though. I'm always the person with the project that everyone else thinks is finished and they're complimenting it, and I'm screaming, "Can't you see! IT'S CRAP! UTTER CRAP! I didn't touch up the primer there... or there, and the bolts don't look as nice as they could, and there's a scratch in the plexiglass!" :P
I think it must be terrible to wake up with the belly still wide opened ....... %-|
You're waking up, your belly is itching, and when you're rubbing it with your nails, all of a sudden you notice that you're scratching your guts .........

Your teacher must be traumatized for life because of this story ... And I understand him ...

Though, if his "hate of incomplete work" became an obsession and a source of problem, he should probably go to see a psychologist.

Voila. That's what this story made me thinking =o)
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