infrared switch

I was wondering if they make infrared activated switches, so its like wireless. if they do where can I get them, I've seen those 10x things but they don't really appeal to me.

tech-king9 years ago
try i seem to recall that, under guides, there is an ir receiver that works with tv remotes and connects to your computer.
westfw9 years ago
There are a lot of projects that will use your TV-type IR remote control to control all sorts of other things, as well as some simple kits that provide on/off functionality.

Solenoids are best obtained from surplus dealers like Electronics Goldmine or All Electronics; see one of the threads on electronics parts stores. (NEW solenoids tend to be very expensive.)
Jordo (author) 9 years ago
also while I'm at it does anyone know where to buy normally out and normally in solenoids like the one in the remote deadbolt instructable.