instant start virus alert programme

I have recently had 2 newsletters from instructables where upon opening an instructable of interest I get a virus warning and the device seems to start searching my C drive.

The warning is nothing to do with AVG and upon running a scan nothing is found.

I am alarmed by such things getting into my computer without my permission, what is going on?

I have AVG, a firewall and windows defender all updated daily.

Why does instructables allow this sort of intrusion?


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noahw7 years ago
Here's an update on the virus trouble some people are reporting...

From what we've seen so far, the virus is being caused by one or more of our ad networks.  Instructables is in no way "allowing" this to occur.  We've been working hard to pinpoint the offensive networks and stop their campaigns, but the links are very difficult to track back to the source. 

These trojans are attacking many other sites besides just Instructables, so please bear with us as we work to end the infected campaigns.

If you are having problems after this post (January 4th, 2009 at around 5:00PM PST) please reply to this comment and let me know...your input will help us solve the problem.

mcrunyan noahw7 years ago
@noahw: Got the virus scan again this morning (Jan 5th ~7:45AM PST).
noahw mcrunyan7 years ago
We just shut down yet another ad network and hour ago - can you let me know if it happens to you again?  Thanks!
danstax noahw7 years ago

Just got the "Your computer is infected " message when opening . This is not the first time I've gotten this, probably more like half a dozen. I always manage to shut down the browser immediately and run a scan (AVG). I don't know if it's always the first Instructable of the day that I view, but today it was. I'm with the others, this makes me less likely to spend much time here, don't need THAT kind of project.

noahw danstax7 years ago
All of our ad networks besides Google Adsense have now been turned off.  Can you poke around a bit and let me know if you run into any more trouble?
I got it just now on this very page.
danstax noahw7 years ago

Now this is a bit too much. This morning 1/12/10, 7:11 AM, I logged in to Instructables, went to this page to see if there were any additional comments regarding this virus stuff, and it hit again. I made a quick screenshot before closing the browser. I have it as a Word file, but can't seem to attach it here. If you want to see it, please contact me, I can send it this evening. Here is the URL off the screenshot, if that is any use to you-

danstax noahw7 years ago
I did just that, and got it again. This time it was not the first instructable I viewed, and was not hovering the cursor over any ad. I had been on the site for approximately 2-4 minutes. Same warning-your computer has a virus and needs an online scan, then it appears to start the scan while offering to let you go to a site to "fix" the problem. 7:15 PM Central time 1/11/10
trishs noahw7 years ago
I had this problem yesterday and it almost wrecked my computer. I had to get the IT guy to completely clean it. I clicked on the link in the newsletter to refill a Swiffer mop. I instantly got a message that said my computer had been infected and I needed to go to Security Tools to get rid of it. I thought this meant the security tools we have installed for our protection. However, to my dismay, it directed me to a site to purchase a product. I knew immediately something was wrong but it was too late. I could not get out of it and could not uninstall. Our IT guy said he could see things flooding my profile. It took 2 hours to fix. I love the website but I CANNOT afford to have things like this happen. My company is pretty tolerant but I would have a hard time explaining if this happens again. Please let us know when this problem is corrected because I will not be using the website or anything in the newsletters until this is resolved. Thanks.
PhotoMaster7 years ago
It appears to be one of the advertisers on the site or else someone has hacked the site. Every time I get on the site it is the first instructable I choose to view, no matter which one choose. I turn off the wireless card and stop IE. Then it reconnect to the internet and contnue using instructables.
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