instructable text, self deleting at random save steps.

For a while now while I am working on an unpublished instructable the auto save function I believe is backfiring.  Instead of saving it actually deletes whole sections.  I thought oh well, I can always go to the history section and copy/paste or click revert.  To my horror it deletes the text from that step all the way back to step one, aaaaaaaaaaah.  I thought perhaps that this was isolated, to the one you might be working on.  Nope, when I opened a second one I had been working on, the intro has now been deleted.  Yes, including in the history as well....

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rachel6 years ago
Hi all, this actually has been very trick to sort out and is basically requiring a rewrite of a large chunk of the auto-save and image uploading code. It *is* being worked on and I hope to have the fix out within another week or two. As you can imagine it requires a bunch of testing too -- we definitely do not want to push out something that is worse than the current state, and maybe kills the workarounds you've had to find.
iminthebathroom (author)  rachel6 years ago
Awesome, I can imagine.
iminthebathroom (author) 6 years ago
yes, pretty much standard occurrence these days, must be tricky bug to work out. Have had it happen numerous time in the past week. The real urk for me these days is not being able to include comment on pictures these days. If I do any more then 2-3 comments in one instructable session I get an error message.
D00M996 years ago
username2526 years ago
This happened to me too. One time it removed everything written in the text. I went absolutely nuts, knowing that I had to start over.

For now on, I'll prewrite everything on Notebook & copy it.
i just lost 3 big steps to an instructable i've been working on for a month and the contest im putting it in ends tonight....... thanks alot
iminthebathroom (author)  sillyzombie6666 years ago
sometimes if you go into the history section of the one you are working on, you can see your old text, open another tab, and start up instructables, bring up your project. Then copy from the history & paste into your new one. I've discovered the best way around all this is to put your pictures in first, then add your text. If you do it the other way around it, that is when most of the errors occur. These days I upload all my pics first to one step. Then delete them from the instructable. The when you want to add the pictures instead of uploading them straight to your instructable step, you take the from the section where they have been uploaded to the site all ready. Kind of a goofy way around the bug, but it works. The copy paste thing from history doesn't work all the time though. Best to do all your major writing in a word type program, and then copy paste from there. If something gets deleted then you can always just copy paste it again.
exactly what Ive experienced. sooooo annoying!!!!
There's this firefox addon called lazarus if you want a decent workaround
jeff-o6 years ago
This happens to me all the time. For me, it seems to happen when I'm adding and rearranging photos. I posted a bug report ages ago, but I guess it still hasn't been fixed.

For now, I save all the text in Evernote or Word before adding pictures. Then when the text inevitably disappears, I just copy it back in.
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