instructables new look

ugh. I dont know about you guys, but i liked instructables old look. i know its kinda minute, but still... Is it just me who feels like this? is there even a way to change it back?

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moomoocows10 years ago
how do i start second instrucable
go to the contribute tab (on the top of the screen) and select new instructible.
nimitz10 years ago
I like the general layout of the site but there's one thing that bugs me mightily: You can't print the entire article with all the pictures full sized. Some of us have access to color printers and would love to be able to print the instructable out in full color to be used in the workshop with full sized pictures. That is unless there's an option I missed somewhere?
iman10 years ago
I like them both lol
frank2608011510 years ago
it's too wide... make the people that liked it list hidden and expandable
SonicDH (author)  frank2608011510 years ago
thats what i'm talking about. all the way on the right is silly and it looks so out of place. I wish they would put it back on the left.
ya i know i dont like seeing the content all the way on the right
maybe there should be a preference that allows ou to go from old or new but that'd slow down the site a lil but dont look at me i never saw the old one
oh wait i have ive already forgot about the old one.
crestind10 years ago
Sometimes new designs will look horrible at first. But then after a few days, it will have never looked better! I really like all the new tweaks and the new right bar! Kinda like when CNN updated to the current awesome silvery theme.
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