interview with a robot (new york times)

NY Times correspondent Amy Harmon chats with Bina48, a robot based on a researcher for artificial intelligence. The robot 'lives' a the Terasem Movement Foundation, Inc, located in Vermont.

The robot comes complete with a database of memories for conversation, a peculiar speech cadence and creepy eyeballs to scare the children.


Picture of interview with a robot (new york times)
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The world's first robot crack addict.
sculptur7 years ago
soeinegaudi7 years ago
"I'd love to be your friend ." ..and that look
Kryptonite7 years ago
Who did that wig!? Blasphemy!
that wig is pretty ridiculous lol
Stone Age7 years ago
this is very cool i cant wait till they come up with an even more human-like robot (hopefully in my lifetime)
Hey, everything has to start somewhere...LOL