iphone 4 search not working

whenever i try to search something on instructables i cannot type anything, it is increasingly annoying to have to google search "instructables ...."     whatever i need to search and find a link, plz fix

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94todd (author) 6 years ago
by buggy i mean it will not type, and when it finally begins to work it takes 2 or 3 seconds for a letter to appear after hitting a key, and i have excellent signal
94todd (author) 6 years ago
i am using the website, but when i go to the search bar i cannot type for about 10-20 seconds, and then when i finally can type its very buggy and laggy, even when i do turn it sideways
Kiteman 94todd6 years ago
Have you got a decent signal? The further I sit from my wifi hub, the slower it runs the net.
Kiteman Kiteman6 years ago
Oh, and when you say "buggy", what bugs do you mean? What are the symptoms?
Kiteman6 years ago
Don't use the app, just use the web.

My eldest uses an iPod Touch, same browser (Safari), and he can see the search box (top-right of the page). Can you not?

You might need to turn your phone on its side, and do that spread-two-fingers-to-enlarge-the-image thing to be able to see it.