DIY Iron Man Costume Replica

Advanced Iron forum member TMP just completed his custom Iron Man costume just in time for the film's theatrical premiere. Incredible work! Just look at all those details!!!

TMP says he spent $1500-2000 on the material compound alone, never-mind months of trial and error.

Via Cool Stuff in Slashfilm

It looks a bit bulky, but it makes sense, a real metal costume would look much rougher than it does in the film (The movie's costume was made of rubber, so it could be more dynamic)

It doesn't look as extreme as the film, but it certainly looks more real. Now, if only it could fly......Maybe we can expect more next year?

There's quite a buzz for DIY Iron-Man costumes this year.

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batboy8017 years ago
Plasmana8 years ago
Wow... The next thing they need to do is actually invent an arc reactor!
my suit is powerd by my homade arc reactor
FaqMan Plasmana8 years ago
Thats years away
guyfrom7up9 years ago
he should make the eye's light up! I just saw that like 2 days ago, I busted up soooo hard when he said to hack into the mainframe.
awsum suit u rock -Tony Stark
Darkone999 years ago
would you sell this costume
knexdude1529 years ago
he could put light blue tissue paper in the eye hole so he can still see out? could be an idea.
Crazy Cool!