is my desk frame strong enough?

hey guys. i'm making a desk that's 90in x 30in x 30in.. i will be using a piece of MDF that's 94in x 30in x 3/4in. i plan on using 2 x 4's for  the back and right side of the frame and screwing them to the wall studs. the rest of the frame will be made with 2 x 2's. i plan on using the space mainly as a computer desk. fully loaded i'm estimating about maybe 100lbs on the desktop at one time. i attached some pictures of the my current plans for now as well as the sketchup file. so that you guys know what i'm talking about.. my question is.. do you guys think the frame is strong enough to hold the desktop and about 100lbs of random stuff. thanks in advance.

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etupin4 years ago
If you attach the back and right side of the desk to the wall studs on those two sides, use two long (4 inch) #12 wood screws into each wall stud. Then the only leg that will really matter is the left front. With the desk secured to the wall, there should not be much lateral force on the leg, except if the leg itself is hit by something. A small wood triangle (right triangle with 6 inch short sides) to  attach left front leg to the horizontal piece directly under the top would help strengthen that joint.
Kiteman4 years ago
Going purely "by eye", I would say the materials loom strong enough, but I'd be concerned about the joints between legs an top - if the desk is going to get knocked or rocked from the sides, then the desk might give way there.

What method of joining will you use?
Table top leg joint is my concern as well. If the joints are going to be very precise and very tight and you are not going to gave much lateral movement you should be fine. If I were the one making it, I'd want to have a little more support.

If the back is not visible (against a wall) you could make the skirt (maybe the wrong term-piece hanging down from the top between the legs) taller. They sell support hardware for legs in several flavors. ( this is something like what I'm talking about. ). Of, if you want to, even a stout L-Bracket between the top and legs would help a lot.

Finally (and apologies if this is really obvious) mdf does not hold screws well and if it gets wet, it can sag. It's great stuff, but use lots of glue and seal it well before you start and afterward. (And it soaks up paint, so consider a primer as your first coat)

It looks great: Best of luck!
NodozFi2eak (author)  oldmicah4 years ago
i actually thought about using L brackets to put everything together.. i didn't know that would help a lot.. just so you guys know.. this will be my very first project and i'm not really that handy >.<
Have a look at other desks, then.

That is, both search this site, and look at desks & benches in real life to see how they are fastened together. Pop into furniture shops and crawl around under their products - they won't throw yoh out if you tell them you are checking the quality before considering a purchase.
NodozFi2eak (author)  Kiteman4 years ago
i'll be using 2 1/2 inch decking screws for the frame
Probably OK, then, but maybe wait for other opinions as well.