is the dremel stylus good? what dremel is the best?

i am going to get a dremel tool soon and i was wondering if the stylus is any good. can you cut stuff with it. small pipe plastic etc.? is there any other dremel that you think is better. i will be doing light projects and also some others that require cutting. will it hold up? thanks ~josh

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trebuchet039 years ago
I have the XPR (400 I think) -- I totally love it :D
I have the same model--the kit with the flexshaft and a fair amount of attachments (no drill press, though--they never seem to have that in stock when I look :-( , oh, well...) IMO, don't think it pays to cheap-out on this kinda tool. Plus they last forever (you can swap out the brushes.)
Lftndbt9 years ago
I sell them.... Not that it count's for much... But in my experience... the stylus would be great for the missus to do the nail's with, but for all practical purposes, I would atleast want the lith-ion cordless version... not the stylus. Just not enough torque in the stylus.... Alright for polishing / light work but forget about cutting metal at speed, it's not designed for that.... By the way... I opted for the $40AU budget version with a 3 year REPLACEMENT warranty. Not a repair warranty... Found that a better option because I can't just swap a dremel over when I burn it out... ;) Sorry, but like I said that's just my opinion... I'm sure many would disagree... Just don't expect "Dremel" power....
LinuxH4x0r9 years ago
I use a genaric (tool shop) one I got fom Menards for around $5. It outlasted my dad's $40 ryobi.
acaz939 years ago
Yes, Actually , Stylus is used by makers An DIYers Unfortunately , it doesn't include any cutting discs hope this helps