is there a substance out there that once carved reduces in size.

is there a substance out there that can be carved or moulded that can reduce in size keeping its proportions intact. i know you can get the reverse, a substance that can grow in size keeping proportions intact (Thanks Goodhart). I am trying to sculpt in miniature and its breaking my heart

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gtoal5 years ago

Google for reviews of reducit before buying too much. There are some quality issues with the moulds that have to be worked around.
maninamousesuit (author) 10 years ago
the lord of the rings scale models in lead..are they the original size? if so then they are some serious sculptors..I may have to resign myself to using my mediocre carving talents ant 100% size....sigh. (maninamousesuit swishes his threadbare tail in frustration)
yeah, there are some serious sculptures out there, like today on the history channel I was watching modern marvels with Money and those engravers who make the master dies of the money are incredible.
westfw10 years ago
"shrinky dinks" ? Silver Clay ?
Goodhart westfw10 years ago
LOL I saw this subject, and my first reaction was Shrinky-dinks LOL

Shrinky Dink Video on its advancements since inception...

This process can get up to 15% shrinkage...

Seems to me I remember another product when younger, that shrank like Shrinky dinks, but in a 3 D format. But I can remember the name nor can I seem to find it...
Juklop10 years ago
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guyfrom7up Juklop10 years ago
guyfrom7up10 years ago
This plastic:!/
you could use pine, soak it in water and let it dry out like jtobako said.
You etch it out of a metal and dip it in a acid solution, the acid would eat around the metal evenly.
ICE, but that melts
I got it! Carve something out of a metal, and use electrolysis to gradually eat away the metal, make sure you have the polairty correct or it'll grow instead.
jtobako10 years ago
Do it in reverse-soak in water, carve down, then let dry out.