is there other websites like this?

please paste links

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no, i love this kind of stuff so thx instuctables

blkhawk2 years ago
So far this is good. Mast hai (its good )
craftyv6 years ago
The answer is No, but there are many other types that cover (Things to do) DIY and so on. Instructables has the pictures, one of the reasons why I love it.
brandon8u8 years ago
You know what makes you made at Instructables now. The Pro account, you can't even look at all the pictures or all the steps at once anymore. I'm soon to leave the Instructables community.
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butchie506 years ago
I agree that instructables is the best site for beginners and for learning how to do things. The site that is closest (in my opinion) is probably ehow ( ) but a lot of ehow stuff is in article format and some of the articles just tell you the advantages of doing something, but not actually how to do it. If you google "How to" (in quotes" add the "+" (without the quotes) sign and the thing you are interested in doing, you can often find instructions by googling it. For example, google "how to"+solar panels, and you will likely find many, many sites instructing you how to build solar panels. If you put something in quotes it is suppose to be an exact match.

In the example I gave above the google results will give you how to build solar panels, how to make solar panels, how to make solar, how to make panels and other mixes. 

Anyway, as others have said there are many other sites out there including and the DIY network ( ).
mikeasaurus8 years ago
There's plenty of DIY sites, like Hackaday, Howcast, and others, however these sites gather the majority of their content from other sites (including from here!). Instructables is unique in that most of the content is driven by user submissions.
there are sites out there, like Hack a Day and a few others but instructables is the best all around DIY I've seen. Instructables is good for the very beginer to the DIY masters
bdcoco9 years ago
I'm new to this website and Im not sure all that it does, but you can go 2
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