is this right?

so there has been many entry's in the launch-it group that will be disqualified because of their date do you think its the people adding it or other people adding it or even the instructable adding it self i doubt that. but what do you think

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my coke smoke and fire kite are stuck up i cant remove them.
I took them both out of the group.
do you think it would be possible for you to add some comma some mark or period or whatever you call it actually punctuation in general because it is sometime very difficult to read and understand what you're saying i will be very gratefull if you accept to do so thank you very much oh yeah about the toppic of your forum here is what i think i don't understand your question and also i'm not really sure it is a question since there is no question mark so i don't know if i should reply something or just read but anyway i don't understand because the punctuation is missing. but that what i think
Easy Button (author)  chooseausername8 years ago
jeez everybody is on me about grammar and punctuation.
Ahem, somebody mention me?

By the way, you forgot your capital J at the start of your sentence.

(Runs for the hills....)
Easy Button (author)  Kiteman8 years ago
Grrrrrrrr stop bugging me about it.
Sorry, I'll stop now. (Unless I get bored....)
. Don't y'all have some kind of laws against "torturing the afflicted" in the UK? Oh wait, he's from this side of The Pond. My apologies to all my English-speaking brethren around the World.
. This is so much fun, it must be a sin.
. Note to gamer5: Hang in there a few days and we'll either get bored or find someone else to pick on. ;) You seem like an OK person, you just caught us on a communal bad-hair day - but let's face it, you started it. You will get many more reasonable responses if you will at least make an effort to make your posts readable to others. Nobody here expects perfection (though some of us get a perverse glee from pointing out "funny" typos), but why should we have to go to the effort to translate what you write?

. When one throws mud (or other appropriate substance) at a fan, one should expect to get some on oneself.
Easy Button (author)  NachoMahma8 years ago
I didn't you guys just started saying my grammar and punctuation.
canida8 years ago
We'll go through and remove ineligible entries by the contest deadline.
Easy Button (author)  canida8 years ago
Pat Sowers8 years ago
my knex gun somehow made it into the group and i didnt put it there.
Yes, I accidentally entered my trebuchet not reading the rule about August first. But to take mine off, all I had to do was unpublish and republish. but yes, some people add other people's instructables to their own groups, but I don't think instructables have an artificial Intelligence :).