is thunderbirds possible

i am always trying to rap my head around the machines out of thunderbirds and i was wonder could it be possible

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The ironman (author) 5 years ago
im talking about is the technology possible in this day and age
The technology listed below is in use this day and age.
The ironman (author)  caitlinsdad5 years ago
yes but not of the degree a like for example i would be almost impossible to get the antonov an-225 to carry more cargo than it can and a the same time make it travel at the speed nessasary for the time frame they use im actually thinking of some sort of heavy lift space craft that can exit the earth atmosperhe re enternet to a heavy lift opperation land then go back into space and reenter a seconed time without having to ressply
It takes big money to build big technology. Unless someone needs it and is willing to pay for it, it probably won't happen. They did scrap that megacargo plane.
The ironman (author)  caitlinsdad5 years ago
but something like thaqt would probley get funding from the un
I don't think the goal of the UN is to provide emergency services for one-off dilemmas. True, the Mole could have gotten those trapped miners out a lot quicker and TB4 could have capped off the leaking offshore oil well but Richard Branson probably has a thing or two under wraps on some remote island he bought out.
The ironman (author)  caitlinsdad5 years ago
the thunderbirds would be a one large payment saving hundreds maybe thousands of lifes they would not just be helping trapped miner4s and stoping oil spills they would have disaster relief also helping out places like hati and givin enough time they could probley help clean up the atmosphere form all the co2 because when it come down to it the thunderbirds are about rescueing people who other people cant and we cant stop poverity or globle warming or enen a asteroid but with enough people manpower time money and acsess to all the worlds most advanced tech the thunderbirds could save the entire human race and you cant put a price on the lifes of over 7 billion people because everyone diserves to life a life without fear of dying from things that we can stop
good luck
The ironman (author)  caitlinsdad5 years ago
lets take word from the late michael jackson he said "people are always saying they ll take care of it all right they ll fix they who w ere the people who have to make the change" "the planet is sick like a fever and it is at the point of no return this is the last chance to fix the problem that we have the world is like a runaway train and the time has come THIS IS IT
lemonie5 years ago

People are like puppets, they do what TV and printed-media tell them to do. Yes.

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