its a bit late but someone had to do it

i would just like to thank nikola tesla for all his work for humanity he was a genius and in what i have heard about him even edison couldnt hold a candle to him
he invented ac electricty(widely used today despite EDISONS FALSE CLAIMS)
                    floresent bulbs
                    a more effective of way of maufactaring light bulbs(up yours edison)
                     the electric motor 
                    romote control
                     tesla turbine
                     spark plugs
                     vtol aircraft
and many more patients and god knows how many great ideas in his head


but sadly he died penney less alone and mad in the new yorker hotel in manhatten 
and the only reason why is best idea arnt in use today is because (im not conspiracy theorist)  that the  people who are in charge bankers oil companies extra are afraid if they cant control the electricty they will lose there power and be over througn by the masses

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geo bruce5 years ago
A very nice documentary about Nikola Tesla - Master of Lightning 2000
Fluorescents ? Mm. No.
Electric Motor ? Mm No. He invented a type of AC electric motor, yes.
X-rays ??? Hardly. Roentgen was the first to discover them.
Robots - Karol Kapek is held to have introduced the idea of "mechanical men" in his play "RUR"
Tesla turbine ? Neat, but largely a novelty. The Parson turbine is more efficient, at the penaltyy of greater complexity.
Spark plugs ? A French guy invented the first electric ignition, Tesla held SOME patents, but the first successful large-scale electric ignition system was by a guy that worked for Bosch, and clearly couldn't have used Tesla's patents - Tesla would sue him.

Tesla was a brilliant engineer - for AC distribution and the induction motor alone he is one up-there in the Pantheon of greats, but he didn't invent the modern world as a lot of conspiracy nuts would have you believe.

After reading your post I finally realized that the information in the posting is not accurate. I have made the mistake to read the posting without critical thinking. Thank you for pointing that out to us. I now hang my head in shame! :)
Tesla IS one of the Greats, no two-ways about it. He provided FUNDAMENTAL knowledge to electrical and electronic engineering, but it fdoes not serve the man's memory for all the mystical crud that's sprung up about him.
The ironman (author)  steveastrouk5 years ago
fluorsents yes world columbian fair
electric motor yes and no first ac motor not first motor
xray tubes yes
robots first to relise there potential
tesla turbine he still invented it
spark plugs first to make a timing system to actully make the engine

and to top it all off wardenclyffe if jp morgon hadnt have been a dratsab all we would have to do to get electricty would stick a metal pole in ground and there we go free electricity for everyone forever
I'd give more credence to your opinion, if you spelled it correctly.

"Free electricity" eh ? So where did the energy come from ?

More Tesla fanboi woowoo.
The ironman (author)  steveastrouk5 years ago
free electricity in which i mean you dont have to pay for it and the electricity would have came from hydroelectic plants but if he would have had he had his way it would have been solar satillites which beam the energy back to earth
So you can build and maintain hydro plants for nothing, just like you can design, build and orbit "solar satellites" for nothing as well. Wow.
The ironman (author)  steveastrouk5 years ago
im not saying there for nothing im saying once they would be place and have robot maintainse system and the people who work there would be doing it out of the good of their heart and the knowledge that through the power of electricty would be in the hands of many not the few like today
Dr.Bill5 years ago
J.P. Morgan
and others
were thieves
and thoroughly
and are to be reviled.
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