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jabroutin is a finalist in the Laser Cutter Challenge for:
personal powerPlant

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jabroutin (author) 10 years ago
Well we didn't win :(, but it was alot of fun trying and we are excited for future instructables projects! Thanks everyone for your comments and enthusiasm.
ms.han10 years ago
this is by far the greatest. innovative, useful and petite. i love it.
Nachoman10 years ago
While I do believe Crabfu's tank to be the coolest project to make the finals and I would judge this one to be the third best on coolness (second being the portable yellow strip), I believe this one has greater merit. I'm not sure if it has any chance of winning against the visceral factor of the other two, but I hope it does.
emglee10 years ago
this is so cute! and multi-functional? awesome!
mnukaga10 years ago
Nicely done...
cakehead10 years ago
pretty sweet!
jabroutin (author) 10 years ago
The focus or our work is to use sustainable means to create new sources of energy - whether through solar, wind, thermo, chemical, human... We believe that these are viable modes of power that need to be looked at critically and taken advantage of more seriously. If we won the laser cutter there are many projects that we could develop or continue to develop, such as the personal powerPlant, and of utmost importance is sharing this learned information with others in forums such as instructables or hosting workshops that teach and disseminate these ideas. All of the collaborators are achitects and designers (and tinkerers by night). Having a laser cutter would be immensly helpful in both of these realms. We have had a taste of working with laser cutter and now we can't live without it!
nylon10 years ago
this is cooler than the iphone.
dFaNo10 years ago
Had it not been for this contest i probably would have never found this site. So i'm glad i was pointed to it. I'm all for self sufficiency, i hope to see a more powerful versions of this invention in the future!
FreakCitySF10 years ago
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