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jeffkobi (author) 10 years ago
I'm very surprised/happy for having my first instructable selected as one of the finalist projects! That said, I don't think there's any way I'm winning this thing, THUS could I send a vector file to whoever wins, so that they can laser cut a stencil for me? Then I can finally label the buttons/knobs on this thing!
ewilhelm jeffkobi10 years ago
Just bring a vector file over to Squid Labs/Instructables HQ next Friday July 20th during our show and tell. You can use our laser.
Mauison10 years ago
Very very cool!
Robt.10 years ago
retro, way to go. r.
that mark guy10 years ago
Sweet Dude, That is one nice machine -Mark
anolani10 years ago
very nice! I definitely think this is a winner. :) rosie
farfalle10 years ago
Very cool! Good luck Jeff! I-Chant