jet packs

Does anyone have any experience making a small jet pack, one which would power a skateboard?

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Goodhart9 years ago
"Starting it" may be the biggest challenge: not having it push the skateboard out from under you, for instance.....
Not really, ou could either lean forward or it the propulsion is controllable just go up in power slowly, honestly once I get my money and pipes I'll be able to tell you exactly how hard the jet amagigs are to control. Also if you jump with a wheeled object that has a from of rocket or jet propulsion does it seem reasonable that it would just fly for some distance? This is a safety question for my sake, it's my one worry, that and the fact that as of yet I havn't made an effective killswitch yet...
Kind of like a grenade theres a pin in the engine you hold on to a string attached to the pin when you yank the string pin pops out engine stops.
Yeah, a rocket however would be hard to stop...
Where did I mention a rocket?
my mistake kiteman did...
. I think the problem would lay in modulating the power of a DIY rocket. They tend to be all or nothing without sophisticated (ie, expensive) controls. . . hmmmm I don't think you will "fly," but it will add to the distance. If your shoes lose traction on the board, it's liable to start traveling faster than you are. . A normally-closed (NC) solenoid-operated valve (SOV) should make a great kill "switch."
My project is a different one, by fly I mean continue to accerate in the air... Hmm maybe I'll just have a nice steel flip toggle operating a solenoid operated valve, I just don't have one, my other option is a simple valve mounted on the controls that cuts off all fuel, of course the engine design means I could have a couple of valves on the engine that open to break the jet cycle and cause the engine to quit... really I want simple, I'm thinking of just using an electric fuel pump and have a master switch for that... Also my project should be quite green, in the sense that it'll burn clean fuel thoroughly and not much fuel being used, on the other hand it may gobble fuel like pacman gobbles pills on a saturday night...
> continue to accerate in the air
. If the thrust is greater than your air resistance, you will accelerate. If you were accelerating when you hit the ramp (air resistance + wheel friction), you'll probably be accelerating in the air. Come to think of it, the board's acceleration in air will be greater (loss of wheel friction) so it may try to jump out from under you.
> flip toggle
. I'd go with a fail-safe/dead-man setup: NO pushbutton and NC valve (or a pump). If you let go of the button, it dies. In case you get knocked out and don't want to do high-speed break dancing.
> valve mounted on the controls
. To lessen the amount of fuel that has to be burnt away, mount the valve as close to the engine as possible. Same with a pump.
> Also my project should be quite green
. Running a lean mixture will help reduce unburned hydrocarbons, but boosts NOx production and may cause excessive chamber temperature. The only way I know to reduce emissions is by "scrubbing" the exhaust (eg, catalytic converter) - probably not a viable solution.
Ermm you didn't pay attention to the first bit, I have no intentions of making a board object, I just had a little cause for concern were I to leave the ground... My plan was a master on for the pump and a safety peg like you have on running machines, if you fall off the bracelet pull the peg out and cuts power.... I can run a very lean mixture once I get the big engines built up and finished, that and the chamber temperatures are not a big worry... then engine doens't run hot enough to damage itself, except over time but it's enevitable either way... I'm not sure how well it'll fare in terms of fuel economy after some thought, it really depends on what full power turns out to be, if it's good then I'll use less fuel being able to run lower throttle... If I was a very good boy I could always have a set of platinum screens throughout the exhaust, just to be enviro happy...
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