julietcool is spamming for "contacts"

I have reported the two PM's I got, and blocked the person. 

Has anyone else gotten pm's from julietcool?    

Picture of julietcool  is spamming for
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kcls7 years ago
I got one a while ago, and I think it was from her. I flagged it and it was deleted from my inbox by an admin before I could look at it again. It went something like "H im glad we are friends would you please contact me at my email" and I dont remember after that.
kcls kcls7 years ago
Well if this is her email than I definitely got one: Julietyormie@hotmai.fr

Also, it seems like everyone here who got one is a pro member. Hmmm...
me too
Recently?  Best contact an admin, because her account had been deleted.
no it was a while ago
Goodhart (author)  Kiteman7 years ago
He may have just discovered it though :-) 
DJ Radio7 years ago
I did, I just deleted the message and flagged it.
Crikey, the woman's desperate - who hasn't she messaged?

Goodhart (author)  lemonie7 years ago
me   >:=(
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