just a thought... (ds projector)

just a thought i had when i saw all of these led projectors on here. and then i saw a ds sitting on the table then i though, what if there was a such a thing as a ndsl projector?! how i believe it would be contructed, at  least the case anyways, would be to detach the top screen from the bottom. then to use the screen as you would any other in a diy projector, keeping in mind that it has to stay connected to the ds. then build half a ds arcade stand for the ds, and build the rest of the projector. would this be plausible? or would it be impossible?

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dombeef7 years ago
I am doing this right now, Or something like it, I used the ideas from the ipod projector(https://www.instructables.com/id/Make-an-iPod-Video-Projector/) and all i need now are some Fresnel lens
zack247 (author)  dombeef7 years ago
well i wish you luck, but it'll be kind of hard to play the ds backwards, unless you are changing the configuration of the projector. either way, good luck!
dombeef zack2477 years ago
I am doing it like this, (A quick drawing in Paint) I press play in homebrew on a movie, i set this up, and the movie is projected on a wall
zack247 (author)  dombeef7 years ago
i see. i take it you have a r4 cart? (or something like it) if you do, how much did you pay?
dombeef zack2477 years ago
DsTT actually, i paid $5.52 i think (Around $5) But the site doesn't sell it anymore because of paypal issues