just cos its winter in america doesn't mean it is everywhere else

Just because its hot in america you guys are making a big fuss on how to stay hot. down in melbourne australia it was 40c+ (104f+) for three days straight then the next week is full of 30c+ (86f +). instructables is viewed worldwide in both sides of the equator.

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Kiteman8 years ago
Never mind the equatorial divide, here in the Pig's Arse, hundreds of schools have been closed by snow for a week. Except where I work. The blasted snow has been dropping twenty miles inland of us - all we get is rain and/or ice.
Where in the world (literally) is the Pig's Arse?
I think Kiteman has to mean the county of Suffolk in England, which is (where legend has it) he lives! However, I think it's very nice there (having spent 5 weeks there last year) - anyway pigs are very clean animals, so it's a backhanded compliment really!
Pigs are only clean if you give them a clean environment to live in.....inside, they are able to carry many diseases so clean should be defined I suppose ;-)

Look at a map of the UK. Ignore Ireland. Now picture a witch, riding a pig to your left. Can you see her hat? that's the top half of Scotland. See her long thin nose hanging down? Look further down. See Wales? That's the pig's face. Cornwall is her pointy shoe, sticking out from under her cloak. And, over to the right, is the pig's arse. Imagine where the tail would be stuck on. Now go down a little. That's where I work...
I see the witch, and I think I see where you are talking about. I'm not sure, though.
I can plainly see the pig on the map....the witch is less obvious, but from your description, I can tell where you mean :-)
Ironically, pig-farming is a major local industry.
Must have been the aliens that told them that it would be their lot in life to raise pigs, since they lived inside of one.... *chuckle*
I am sure Kiteman's environment is "squeaky" clean!
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