just some pictures for people

instructables wont let me post pictures in a comment so im going to make a topic instead just for my pictures  for people

Picture of just some pictures for people
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Seleziona7 years ago
I has magic powers. These pics are for dutchwarlord and kinetic!!! i'm right!

cj814997 years ago
post gun in pic?
knex mad (author)  cj814997 years ago
dude sorry already broke it its easy to make  though
will u rebuild then P0$T
Seleziona7 years ago
Will you post?
~KGB~7 years ago
are you posting the pistol?
travw7 years ago
Looks like cocking it would break the mag off.
i really like the first one
maby an idea for it
is to add a cool background

and i like aa 12
it loks like the real one
i'm also going to try it
knex mad (author)  dutchwarlord8 years ago
ill add a back ground when i go to my dads on wednesday he has a full photoshop app so ill do it on that any ideas for the background
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