kill knex guns

how do i kill knex gun$  this is my first gun with a block trigger how do i get rid of it

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ChrysN7 years ago
Do you mean you want to delete it. If you go to your instructable click edit and when your in the edit window there should be a delete instructable button (I believe it should work the same for slideshows). However if it was entered into a contest you can't delete it.
(YOUR N (author)  ChrysN7 years ago
no i mean destroy it wi out making my self sad
You already killed it with bad spelling and grammar. Get happy with improved vocabulary.
(YOUR N (author)  caitlinsdad7 years ago
im tiping on mi ipod anfd i cant b boverd to spel properl yy becoz i cant be boverd 2 fleamp
I beleive I've translated everything except for that last word "fleamp". What does that mean?
(YOUR N (author)  The Ideanator7 years ago
i dont know i subbed u for this
What do you mean?
I think he means he subscribed to you because of the comment you posted.
He subbed me because I commented? How odd..
I want a divorce.
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