knex 9mm (conversion crossbow)

should i post this?( its a conversion crossbow) cc for short to convert it into a pistol all you have to do is a orange connector and put a rubber bang through the hole heres some pics

Picture of knex 9mm (conversion crossbow)
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An Villain6 years ago
Stop necroing old topics!  It's really not that hard to look over to the right and see it was posted over 2.5 years ago!
rootbeer968 years ago
post it post it post it
theKNEXfolo9 years ago
this is awesum i need a good pistol ...in BATTLE MUAHAHHAHAHAHA!
Spense099 years ago
post it that is awesome, do u know how to make lego guns? if u do can u make some
adamsdead (author)  Spense099 years ago
at one point in time it was posted i deleted it though :(
Metal4God9 years ago
gunmanx9 years ago
omfg taht is not a crossbow just cuz it can shoot the rod doesent mean its a crossbow dont post it
adamsdead (author)  gunmanx9 years ago
crossbow means no firing pin (rolls eyes thinking *jerk*)
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