knex ML9 missle launcher from halo series

Recently i was glancing at my halo 3 owners manual and was on the page w/ all the weapons, when an idea struck me in the head. Why not build a missle launcher? it would be a first to the site, i mean right? If you like it maybe i will post. don't forget to rate and comment!

Picture of knex ML9 missle launcher from halo series
rocket or heavy projectile launcher 003.JPG
ms9 missle launcher 008.JPG
rocket or heavy projectile launcher 008.JPG
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SonicX 226 years ago
v1 = doesnt look anything like it but looks powerful
v1.2 = awesome and strong

sooo... CAN YOU POST IT!!!!!!!!!
I like mine more...
SeMi_AuToMaTic (author)  I_am_Canadian8 years ago
me toooooo
i like it more to
same here, too.
Me too.
DrWeird1178 years ago
Sorry, didn't look at other versions. THEY look cool. But are the track pieces required?
SeMi_AuToMaTic (author)  DrWeird1178 years ago
no, but i took it apart from other bad comments and for lack of peices. i can try to invent something better after i mod my sniper? its okay
Kool. Once again, soz i did'nt look @ uzzer pix;
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