knex armour

i made some im almost done the body is 90% bullet proof ( to my guns )

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KentsOkay9 years ago
Doesn't it kinda... have a lot of... holes in it?
A made a knex cannon that shoots 257 feet per second. Would it be bullet proof against that? :D
unless you are firing 40mm rounds i doubt it will be 90% bulet proof
I made a gun that fires rounds about that size... could never make a working trigger for it, though. it fires blocks of knex that HURT.
indeed. In which case the armour would shatter anyway. And you would be dead. -er.
Yeah a heavy round would blast a big hole in your armour and leave you exposed to rod fire.
But if you \X/ere already exposed to rod fire, it wouldn't matter anyway, you would have a 40mm gash in your stomach.
A 40mm gash with deep rod-shaped holes in.
i think that the body armour would be close because in most cases bullets dont fly straight they spin and would hit it at a angle
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