knex assault rifle

This is my new assault rifle. I made two different types of magazines for it, a 12 round detacheble mag for white rods, and a 20 round detacheble mag for green rods. Should i make an instructable or not?

Picture of knex assault rifle
Picture 80.jpg
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post! post! post! post!
hey killer6, nice rifle but its a bit inaccurate and the non fake barrel thingy is a bit wonky...... ish, but overall the gun is great , except the mag keeps jamming when the 'bullet'is in the chamber the mag stops moving the ammo upwards and jams, how does u fix it overall raying for me is awsum!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
King_Banana9 years ago
i like it, liked it, turned it into a sniper rifle, and loved it
i mean i made it and i liked it
SorryBarry9 years ago
that looks like my gun
what makes you want to so badly revive a semi old topic about a gun that has already been posted?
popomaster9 years ago
you going to post soon? its been 2 weeks
killer6 (author)  popomaster9 years ago
i think im going to publish it tomorrow, i only need to add some pictures. I was very busy with school so i didnt had the time to finish the instructable.
well, just try, cuz i hav been waiting for like forever
killer6 (author)  popomaster9 years ago
I posted the instructable :D
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