knex ball machine's new vip system

This is the groups offical vip club for people up to the stadards. It is a invitational club only knexperts can join. if you like to join you have to send a reply with a picture of your best ball machine and I will accept if it's up to my standerds Thank you

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Mr. Muggle8 years ago
here is a link to the slideshow of POWER TOWER, is it good enough?
Shadowman398 years ago
Can I join?
I don't have pictures, but I do have a video. Although it isn't my biggest, it's my best ball machine:

Tom Buckey8 years ago
can i join take a look at my ball machines im working on a ball machine with 94 chain links and is use an brand new element
I will send you a picture of my latest ball machine.
ball machine vip club? LoL