knex rideable roller coaster with mr.muggles chair (big build 2010)

ok then when you read this you may die of shock so i am going to tell you the bad things before so you dont get to shocked by what it is. 1.its not very long 2. it uses lots of pieces 3. it sticks and doesnt run smothely along the track 4. theres no bumpers so you can fall of. i thinks thats all of them so now i will tell you what it is. its a rideable knex rollercoaster ( a roller coaster you can ride on) now thank mr.muggle as i used his chair and have his permission to use it in this forum. you can proberly build the track and the new base oof the chair from the pictures. you dont have to change the top of the chair to how my one is(my back rest is like that because i got bored building it and was low on pieces).i could of made the track longer but i was getting bored of making the same thing and couldnt be asked to continue. im not sure how much weight it can hold so be careful and spread out all of your weight when onboard. ps: this message is to visper123,as i told you its not a car and its not a whatever that other thing was and you didnt hack my webcam and i dont have a webcam and my school bag is green (to everyone that doesnt know what im talking about then go and read the comments on the sneak peak), so there. 

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poncho5315 years ago
If you sold your design to K'Nex, they would take over the toy market! They would leave Lego (UGGHHH) in their tracks!
Could you post a video?
Hiyadudez7 years ago
Cool, can't wait for someone to take this idea to the extreme and build a full track. Even if its just a hill then a long striaght.
slithien (author)  Hiyadudez7 years ago
that would be unlikely, it would need lots of moters to pull someone up the slope, you would need multiple chain lifts to eaven out the weight, alot of pieces to hold a person up high, pacence because the track takes forever to build.
I meant just sit at the top of a hill, then roll down and then onto a long straight track.
slithien (author)  Hiyadudez7 years ago
floris2burn7 years ago
You should add books or so and see when it starts failing :p You could use a k'nex box to distribute the weight. (though those aren't very strong either)
slithien (author)  floris2burn7 years ago
But books are light and it holds my weight meaning I would have to stack the books up very high just to get it to match my weight. I weigh 9.5 ib so anything under or around that is ok.
Are you a midget or were you enchanted by a witch? 9.5 pounds is seriously underweight.
slithien (author)  DJ Radio7 years ago
I'm sort of median height and thin and 13 am I under weight???? Ahhhhhjhhhhhhhhh
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