knex bullpup style guns

this site REALLY needs some more bullpup guns(instructions to)
sorta like the FAMAS(a bullpup design rifle)
so do what u can to try at least making 1

Picture of knex bullpup style guns
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bullpup guns r only advantageous if the length of the barrel increases the weapons effectiveness
for instance a tube and stick style is not good for bullpup design
but a slingshot system would be allowing the full length of the gun to be used as the barrel length
so i see no need of using a particular style of gun unless it is advantageous to the design
sry that all probly sounded confusing but hopefully some of it made sense
KK knows his Knex guns.

So yeah, if people are going to build a bullpup, it better be a slingshot. And to be a bullpup, it needs a magazine (behind the handle). I don't know if any repeating slingshots have been made. And I wouldn't design one. A repeating slingshot is worthless when you have standard and turreted repeaters.

So really, there will almost certainly never be a good bullpup Knex gun.
i think one has been made. it is a shotgun. i built it when i was 6 and it shot 100 feet. i added a stock to it. it was on youtube (knexguntutorials). he has lots of knex guns.
So you basically mean that bullpup guns are bullsh**t?  I would disagree. 
Why are there two asterisks in there?  ;)
travw knexguy7 years ago
Late reply...
Because he said "Bullshoot". LOL
I'm saying they will be useless in comparison to simple repeaters.
Again, I disagree.  If done right, you can dual wield bullpup guns with the right design.
You can dual wield anything that isn't too big. But you shouldn't because it makes priming and reloading horrible.
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