knex cannon

This is my knex cannon, I may post it soon. It shoots up to 10 feet.

Picture of knex cannon
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mr.dumbdumb8 years ago
i love it!!!! I want the instructions to build this cannon
bradleyJOHN10 years ago
mine is betta
killer k10 years ago
this is kinda bad its just a block trigger with som do dads in da front
g12345389 (author) 10 years ago
i'm working on a sniper right now i post in about 2 weeks
g12345389 (author) 10 years ago
I need to put more rubber bands but if to many(20-50) then your gunna end up in the hospital!
crestind10 years ago
That's a Knex pistol attached to a weight. Stationary does not mean cannon. And 10 feet? For something that shoots rods, even the semi-autos have better ranges than that.
Danny10 years ago
wats the thing with the wheel on it for and it isnt just a tube and a rod with a elastic and a blocking trigger is it?
assasin Danny10 years ago
kool but 10 feet? post it so we can see how to improve it