knex catapult contest

Alright. You read the title. This is a catapult contest. The things that will make you win are: Simplicity and Range. Try to get as much range as possible and/or make it as simple as possible.
Now get started!

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wookie127 years ago
Count me in please
Too late man, I already won.
oh well then congrats.
~KGB~7 years ago
catapult are really bad... only one shot, dont really have range and take ong to make and load...
jamesdude (author)  ~KGB~7 years ago
Why don't you try putting a mag on one? Tell me how it goes.
But... that's not simple at all.

On a side note, methinks I'm going to enter the Patacult by loose and myself. Not that it's simple or shoots particularly far by knex gun standards. 
jamesdude (author)  Whaleman7 years ago
Sigh.... You win.
~KGB~ jamesdude7 years ago
im not gonnantry one... its a good concept tho...
jamesdude (author)  ~KGB~7 years ago
~KGB~ jamesdude7 years ago
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