knex coin pusher

this is my knex coin pusher. before you start begging for instructions i dont know if i will post but if to many people struggle to build one i might post instructions, because im not posting instructions i have taken extra+ photos of the mechinism and how it works. i had to use white connectors because i didnt have enough coins, if you do this the connectors wont fit down the slots so you have to just place them. i would make a video but the batteries in the moter died. it has a secret gutter on the side that real coin pushers have and the monney goes to the owner of the machine, if you dont want this you can push the orange connectors on the right down and it blocks it out. this one is bassed on bezempje95 link to his one  http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5dOPa1-zDUI he has more infomation on his in the link in the description.(if you havent looked at his you need to because its so awesome). if you cant build it from the pictures put a comment saying:
"POST +1"
with the capitals and if it gets over 15 before christmas i might post it.

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do you still remember the meck?
poil876 years ago
POST it please.
poil876 years ago
uyuuutyuyu6 years ago
it is ok but this is cool
this guy is cool just cut and copy on the serch bar at you tube or type knex coin pusher v2
slithien (author)  knexinventer6 years ago
I cant wath it right now as im on my ipod and i think ive already seen it. And i think thats the one i have in the forum.
Post + 15. That should be it right?
slithien (author)  knex11111111116 years ago
Only 1 vote per person.
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