knex concept

hi ive just had an idea for knex guns . basicly you build and post a knex gun not based of anything it would be just a barel mag reciver triger and handle just the basics then people would customise it and it would be done people could give you feed back and maybe post the body they made to be placed on other guns.

Picture of knex concept
TheDunkis7 years ago
It pretty much already has been done. The BRs and NARs are probably the most common. I kind of did that in a sense with the BAW as I didn't really add much and left the rest of it for other people to mod as they please. There are plenty of guns that you can mod freely.
KNEXFRANTIC (author)  TheDunkis7 years ago
oh what do you think of the pics anyway
i think the pics are great
KNEXFRANTIC (author)  altair ibn la ahad7 years ago
thanks do you want an avatar i could probibly make one for you