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i have made a forum for all things knex, custom or not and im holding a gun contest there too

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TheDunkis8 years ago
Does anyone find the irony in this post? You just replied to an old argument based mostly on someone reviving the thread.... guess what you just did.
Tom Buckey8 years ago
is no one intrested in ball machines anymore? the only people who seem to be posting new ones is me and the jamalam!
lamlnguyen9 years ago
You have nice ball machines, but I don't have enough pieces for even the Nano.
u said ball hehe lol
What's with the massive bump here? His reply is almost a year old...
so? does that mean i can't reply to it if its old?
I'm saying, why the hell did you reply to it? It's a pretty useless reply and the post is a year old. I don't get why you bothered replying to it.
and i dont get why you chose to a) moan at me for it when it doesnt affect you in the slightest and b) bump the topic again
It's not a bump if the last post isn't old. I guess I couldn't expect a reasonable answer from someone who can't even use proper grammar, let alone have the common sense to know when he should post or not post a reply.
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