knex g36c

my g36c. i modded fartonia s m4a1 to get this!!!! my xbox live gamertag is: killermanjaro99 i normally play cod4 tell me if u add me coz i dont normally chek my mail/messages.

Picture of knex g36c
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everything sucks
alfpwns8 years ago
yo can i add you to my Friends list on Xbox? My gamer tag is alfpwns
knexdude152 (author)  alfpwns8 years ago
yer sure hav cod5waw?i do
alfpwns alfpwns8 years ago
btw cool 4*s and it needs to be beefed up
knexfan91829 years ago
darnit i've been waiting on my forum post to go up.....
Trauts9 years ago