knex gun competiton

I am going to make loads of knex guns and fire them and see which one is the mose powerfull, to find out which gun is 'the ultimate knex gun'. If you want your knex gun in this compotition tell me its name and were the link is to make it. I am 14 so i know quite alot about knex so me and my brother will judge the best looking aswell

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gunmanx10 years ago
this gun can shoot a good 40 feet mabey mor if i add mor rubber bands i dnt plan on posting a instrutable on it i might post one tho.
evilboy949411 years ago
[]come see mine

oodalumps11 years ago
macbeasty11 years ago
you can check mine
ultimate knex (autoload) rifle
OoOpeterOoO (author)  macbeasty11 years ago
Ok ive already made your gun im just waiting for more replys
you can try my pistol(auto load) if you'd like, but PLEASE dont enter KILLERK's gun! we all wouldnt have a chance of winning lol!