knex gun reviews

are you getting sick of making knex guns that are not as good as the creators say so if you name any good gun then i will create them and give them rating out of ten for the following:
how easy it is to use
and thanks to  webby427   rate of fire

ooh and one more thing i will not make anything with modified or broken pieces because i am not breaking my pieces for anyone unless  i love the gun.

provide a link to the instuction for your ratable gun

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Knex-Gun-Reviewer (author) 6 years ago
have a look at my first ever instructable
rate dis
i have a slide show up that should be easy enough to follow
but seriously id love to hear your opinion if you build it
webby4276 years ago
Add rate of fire to the list.
Knex-Gun-Reviewer (author)  webby4276 years ago
give me so guns to rate then
TR8. If you give that a bad rating...
give me a link plz
That's the newest, but there are a few ibles for the old base gun. You should be able to make it off of those pics.