knex gun with new loading system

well i just bought a nerf rifle and was looking at the mecanisem inside it. i saw that is should be able to make it with knex. i just need to find some way to make a shell. tell me ideas. p.s. lol they added a knex categorie!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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bobbyk8819 years ago
I have this great idea for it but I am going to test it out before I say anyhthing else.
i have a shell it requires braking peices
dsman195276 (author)  silentassasin219 years ago
hmm. can i see a pic?
you brake all notches off a white conecter and put them ona blue rod with something to keep it on
dsman195276 (author)  silentassasin219 years ago
yea, i had that idea, but i did not want to break my pieces.i made a verson by wraping tape around the outside of a pen, the tape made it fit into the breach, and the rod fit into the pen. i never ended up making the gun, but i wish i did.
ironman699 years ago
I have a NEW COOL!!!! mag system its just like a real gun you can interchange than and the bullets wont fall out the top because the to is covered the new mug also has a mag release switch but......Its on the M1 garand and I can't post that know because I working on the lancer
smidge1479 years ago
lol knex catergory yay!
dsman195276 (author)  smidge1479 years ago
yea. there is finaly enough simple block triggers made to need a seprate catergory for them. p.s. i thought you left.
nah I came back :)
dsman195276 (author)  smidge1479 years ago
yay!!! :)
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