knex guns that have not been done

hi there have been a few knex guns witch have not been done before and their are knex guns witch have been done many times before e.g the ak47. here are some knex guns witch have not been done before. l1a1 slr , gpmg , m249 saw ,sa809has been done but not the most acurate ) colt 45(m1911) , bren gun and the g36c the list is almost endless. these are just a few sugestions im not saying the knex guns witch have been done before are bad i just think people should put their minds to difrent guns.

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i am almost done with a bren gun
KNEXFRANTIC (author)  KnexFreak3606 years ago
it is posted
KNEXFRANTIC (author)  KnexFreak3606 years ago
alright its prety cool
Articas7 years ago
ah excuse me kind sir but
that needs to built as well
That has already been done....
KNEXFRANTIC (author)  Articas7 years ago
okay ill put that on the list aswell
Ah... good sirs, but here you may find one:
or another:
Mepain7 years ago
I sure haven't seen anything that's not realistic.
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