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are knex instructables being overlooked. i have posted a lot of knex instructables and they take a day to come up and then the are the 7th one down on the recent list. it is the same thing with every other knex instructable. by the way i dont want comments that say anything like good ridence or i hate knex.

Well, there are a lot of Knex projects. A LOT. Maybe they are posting the more unique/different projects first. (Not that yours aren't unique (I don't know much about Knex), but there are a lot, so people don't care anymore (aside from the Knexers)). My suggestion would be to regulate the amount of Knex Instructables because you're right, they're being over looked. I'd say you (and others) should limit your Knex Instructables to new things, because I've seen many that are the exact same thing posted by different people.

*P.S. I have nothing against Knex(ers). They're really cool, but I don't like using  them because I always snap my fingers and I lost all of my pieces/my parents got rid of them.  (Think I should buy some and do some of the projects on here?)
smidge14710 years ago
maybe ask an admin
dsman195276 (author)  smidge14710 years ago
yea i should. it seames to happen to every knex instructable not just mine. have you ever sean a knex instructable as the first or even second on the recent list?
yeah when I search under knex, that's all that comes up.