knex keyblade (LOL)

well we all know kingdom hearts and im a big fan so i came up with soras kingdom key keyblade tell me to post or not

Picture of knex keyblade (LOL)
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sprout_less7 years ago
Thats sucks. Well it doesn't suck but its not that great. Try to make a less sloppy design. Good Luck Sprout_less
ceaserama7 years ago
thats awsome you should post that would be great
Noahm57 years ago
sweet dude thats awsome!
antivenom8 years ago
Very nice, there's a few keyblades here on instructibles and this has to be the most accurate IMO. Good job.
gryphster28 years ago
how do you connect the blade part in the 2nd picture to the huge bar
combatknex (author)  gryphster28 years ago
those blaxk y connectors theres four of tem look close
Camisado9 years ago
Che, not bad.... I really hate K'nex, but I REALLY love Kingdom hearts and Keyblades, so it ain't bad.... Kingdom Key and Oblivion, huh?
combatknex (author)  Camisado9 years ago
no just kingdom key and bond of flames and an oathkeeper and fenrir mixed
combatknex (author) 9 years ago
anyone ???
i dont like the handle or the hand-guard much they're too blocky and the hand-guard on the kingdom key is square not triangle you should have rounded it off. oh yeah whats the thing to the left of it in the third pic? looks cool
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