knex kodachi

A kodachi is just a small katana (i designed it so u could swing it (i hope) though i dont know cause i havent physically made it)

Picture of knex kodachi
Picture 3.png
Picture 1.png
Picture 2.png
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MI68 years ago
Never think that something is fine if you havent tested it for yourself .
nice this looks cool o yea and may i ask were did u get the word kodachi frm??
captianchase (author)  killuhmike999 years ago
i learned it in rurouni kenshin(though it is a real word/type of sword)
which knex program is this mlcad,google sketch up dont work for me.
Kaiven9 years ago
so, you're going to make and post this?
captianchase (author)  Kaiven9 years ago
i cant (i dont have enough pieces) though if any one else can make this and post it that would be really cool
huh...i might... but right now im working on iron hide